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incl. settings, acceptance, and evaluation of the parts wholesalers



Independent garages not only use spare parts from the free market - around every fourth spare part purchased bears the emblem of the car manufacturer. In return, the service partner garages of the car manufacturers buy a not insignificant proportion of their spare parts on the open market. The proportions in the individual product groups vary widely.
This is a principal result of the survey of a total of 900 garages in Germany, which Wolk after sales experts carried out in spring 2017.

For some years, the share of OE parts (spare parts of the car manufacturer), which are installed in independent garages is growing. The reasons are the higher demand as well as the increasing availability of these parts. The trade structures of the car manufacturers are taking the sale to independent garages increasingly serious and trying to professionalize the structures. So far, the car manufacturers had varying degrees of success.

The benchmark in terms of parts availability and delivery speed is the free parts trade. The investigation has shown that even authorized garages rate their independent parts distributors better in terms of delivery speed and parts availability than their own service partners. Overall, dealers find more reasons to dissatisfaction with their parts supply compared to the independent garages.
This development was the occasion for launching an extensive market research and to examine it with a representative survey in 900 garages in Germany.
On a total of 130 pages, the study provides detailed information on the shopping behaviour of the garages, as well as the satisfaction and problems with the parts.
In addition, the turnover structure of the garage and the distribution of wages and materials were inquired to enable highly up-to-date market calculations.

Contents of the study:

  1. Analysis of the purchasing structure and purchasing behavior of the workshops
    1. Ratio between OE and IAM spare parts to the total purchasing volume
    2. Ratio between OE and IAM replacement parts by product group
    3. Factors influencing the purchasing decision
    4. Share purchasing via B2C online channels such as eBay, car parts24 etc.
    5. Used electronic parts catalogues
  2. Evaluation of the parts distributors with differentiation according to the most important IAM and OE parts distributors
    1. Number of used parts distributors
    2. Evaluation of dealers by garages
    3. Identification of parts purchasing issues
  3. Analysis of the sales distribution of the garages:
    1. Share of individual garage activities in total sales (absolute volumes for product groups)
    2. Share of wage and material in the sales categories
    3. Salary share in diagnosis and calibration
  4. Characterisation of the garages
    1. Number of employees
    2. Garage runs
    3. Sales generated by garage services
    4. Development of sales




SIZE: 137 pages

All prices are net prices. Customers based in Germany 19% VAT.
The sale to private individuals is unfortunately not possible.

User  Format  Price
Team licence (1-5 employees) PDF

3.495 €

Enterprise licence PDF 4.195€
Combi package with bodywork & paint shops Report (released in Q1 2018)
The body & paint Report is based on the same survey of 120 body and paint shops.
PDF 4.995€