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Product information

German Car Aftermarket Poster

This poster presents the entire German car aftermarket with all its market participants and their distribution channels with each other clearly at a glance.

On each distribution level, the largest market participants are listed as examples.
The distribution channels are shown in different colors to distinguish the independent and original equipment supplier market.

The listed market participants are also illustrated with a brief company profile.
The company profiles provides information on
- Contact details 
- Number of employees
- Number of outlets
- Sales volume 

In addition, the poster contains general information, such as total number of free (IAM) and authorized (OES) workshops and car park data.

Use this overview for internal employee trainings, or use it in customers discussions to explain the market structures and relationships.


Single order: 85,- EUR (excluding VAT, packaging and shipping costs)
Poster and PDF 120,- EUR (excluding VAT, packaging and shipping costs)
NOTE: Sales only to corporate clients possible

Please contact us if you like to order more than 10 posters or if you like to have a customized poster.

DIN A0 Poster, 4 colors, 250 g
PDF (only available in combination with the poster)

All information are based on our Car Aftermarket Europe database, which has much more detailed information. If you need information on the market size of the various distribution levels, or market shares between free and OES market, please take a look at the Car Aftermarket Report, or contact us directly.