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Freitag, 01 Juni 2012 16:19

Romania: Workshop survey launched

This week, wolk after sales experts and the Romanian Association of Automotive specialists launched a joint project. Romanian workshops now have the opportunity to evaluate a series of product and service aspects using an online survey.
  • Who are your main suppliers?
  • What range of products do you offer?
  • Which manufacturers or brands are preferred in specific product ranges?
  • What issues are important considering the delivery and marketing services and how do the suppliers perform?
  • How is the Sistemul de workshop system rated?
  • Evaluation of customer support?
  • Statistical data (distribution, association with workshop systems,belonging to product-oriented brand concepts)
This survey's results are presented in detail in the Car Aftermarket Report Romania which provides all market participants with highly valuable insider information on the Romanian workshop market at home and abroad.

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