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Passenger car service

General information


DESCRIPTION: This report describes the current situation of car servicing in Russia. It discovers market volumes for car services, incl. body and paint repair, car wash and tire services, as well as estimations of the market potential in general. The Russian market accounts approximately 46.000 car service stations of different sizes.
The market structure differs completely to the most European markets. The market share of authorized car dealers is about 9 %; 32% accounts for independent service stations. The other 59% are highly specialized car service stations such as tire specialists, car wash, body and paint repairers etc. The Russians have spent for car service approximately 1.5 trillion RUB in total in 2014 (approx. 19 billion EUR), incl. inspection, all body repairs, car wash etc.

MARKETS: car service stations, body and paint, car wash, tire specialists

LAST UPDATE: 03/2016



MEDIA SIZE: 18 pages

ORDER / PAYMENT: Order online and pay with credit card. Order online and pay on invoice via bank transfer.

PRICE: 1.000,- EUR 
All prices are net. Depending on your invoice address location thereon is still to pay sales taxes (Germany currently 19%). Our shop is intended for companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Private persons do have to pay 19% sales taxes.