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The european after sales research monitor is a comprehensive market research concept for participants of the Automotive After Sales market.

  • On the Basis of our database with more than 300.000 qualified addresses of garages (auto repair shops) all over Europe we are able to conduct a perfectly targeted market research on the distribution and garage level.
  • Because of our interviews with the desicion makers and managing directors you will get a direct insight into the business of garages and the biggest distributors.
  • With our knowledge of the market structures of all European After Sales markets we are able to determine precisely what an adequate and accurate sample has to look like. Furthermore an attribution based on garage specialization, garage concept affiliation, type (OES/IAM) and make is ensured as well.

We can answer your questions with the help of our market research concept:

  • Do you want to know what garage professionals think of your products?
  • accurate sample of garage specializations
    Accurate sample:
    Selection of an adequate sample
    on the basis of a quotation of the
    country specific market structure.
  • How do they evaluate your product regarding price, quality and distribution?
  • What further factors is the purchase decision influenced by?
  • What is the market share of your product?
  • What are the most important distribution channels?
  • What are the most favoured order processes?
  • What are the main differnces between the European countries

We ask the right questions - You get the right answers!

  • Quantitative questions:
    • product volume
    • market potential
    • market shares at various stages of distribution
    • prices
    • margins, etc.
  • Qualitative questions:
    • brand awareness
    • acceptance
    • European Automotive Address Database
      Address Database
      Wolk after sales experts have their own
      address database with more than
      280.000 qualified addresses in Europe
    • image, profiling
    • competitors strenghths & weaknesses
    • purchase decisions
    • communication
    • POS settings, etc.
  • Trend information and forecasts:
    • future sales prognosis
    • process of change
  • Structural information:
    • company size
    • number of employees
    • equipment, etc.
  • Due Dilligence:
    • company assessment for an acquisition
    • investigations for safeguarding of investments
    • investigations for mergers & acquisition

What markets are covered?

all 35 European Countries

Whoever you want to ask - We ask the right persons with appropriate methods

  • Who can be surveyed (target groups)?
    • all kind of car service garages (owner / master)
    • parts wholesalers
    • cooperations of parts distributors / national and international trading groups (management)
    • industry / parts manufacturer / intermediates (management)
    • car drivers (responsible for car service)
  • Survey methods:
    • interviews by phone, online and face to face
    • expert interviews by phone or face to face
    • focus groups (personally and online)
    • monitoring of online communities

Brochure of Europen After Sales Monitor