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Automotive Market Intelligence, Analysis and Research
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Individual market information and market analysis concerning the European Automotive Aftermarket.

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New trends and customer expectations require intensive counseling and a well- adjusted methodology.


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The Chinese Car Aftermarket Structure522

"The Chinese Car Aftermarket Structure" poster

The structure of Chinese car aftermarket differs indeed from European or North American ones. Not only because it is a more recent development as compared to a decades-long tradition of Europe and NAFTA, but also Chinese tech giants like Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent are already part of the Aftermarket unlike GAFA (Google/Apple/Facebook/Amazon) in the West. Even on the OES side, the approach is quite different in China.

We did our best to disentangle the web of multilateral connections of the Chinese car aftermarket in the form of a simple poster (available both as PDF file and a hard copy) that might inspire you to look for new business opportunities in China or to streamline your operation already established there. The wolk after sales experts' deep understanding of Chinese car aftermarket is always at your disposal.

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Our new Network Partner in China 

Acting both as a school for future mechanics and independent aftermarket professionals and consultancy for independent aftermarket operators, the Magic Cube Auto College is our official product reseller in China effective March 2020. The wolk after sales experts have the pleasure of working with the Magic Cube Auto College on multiple occasions - in China as quests and keynote speakers at automotive events and in Europe as hosts of College's students tour of Europe aimed at familiarization with European Independent Aftermarket. Mr. David Dai, in charge of the Magic Cube Auto College, is a well-known figure of Chinese Independent Aftermarket and it is a honor for us to consider him not only our Network Partner, but also a friend. 

Magic Cube Auto College contact data:
12 Floor Zhuoyue International Building, Qingdao, China
Tel: +86 532 58555008 / +86 18653222923
Email: daichen@yangchemofang.com


after sales access cockpit

After Sales ACCESS Database

Now online available!

With the high dynamics in the aftermarket, a constantly updated overview of the markets is more important than ever.
With the After Sales ACCESS Database, you get a tool for permanent insight into market structures and market participants for the daily work as well as strategic planning.

This database will be a great support to your business if you are facing any of those tasks:
  • You need future orientation for your business in the European market
  • You need a second and neutral opinion about certain markets
  • For optimizing your sales steering in European countries
  • To calculate your market potential and market share for the regions of your regional retail areas
  • You try to find the right market partners for you in foreign markets
  • More information

CAE2019 500C

he Car Aftermarket in Europe 2019

The 2019 edition of “Car Aftermarket Europe” reports encompasses 35 European countries – from the automotive powerhouses of France, Italy and Germany through Central European tigers like Poland, Czechia, and Romania to the smallest but also important markets like Baltic countries or Macedonia. Sharing the common structure of the report, for every country we provide unique deep dive into its local intricacies to make sure we bring you the best up-to-date knowledge about local aftermarket.

"The Car Aftermarket in 2019” country report content highlights:

  • International and National Trade Groups overview
  • TOP car parts distributors
  • TOP Truck parts distributors
  • TOP Garage marketing systems for mechanical repairs
  • TOP car dealers/car dealers groups
  • Aftermarket Volume by 10 product groups
  • Number of IAM garages per specialization (with total turnover and number of employees)
  • Direct marketers
  • E-commerce companies
  • Trade marketing systems, Auto Centers, Fast-Fitters
  • tables, graphs and company profiles
  • More information