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The picture of the European Aftermarket is continuously changing. The companies are looking for new opportunities to increase the profitability and extend their geographical footprint.
New industrial challenges, driven by developing new technologies and digitalization, also require synergies.

In the last years, the consolidation in the automotive aftermarket is accelerating and the number of M & A transactions especially among the IAM wholesalers increased significantly. And the further consolidation is expected.

For example, since 2014 LKQ has been actively expanding in Europe, acquiring a number of European companies: SATOR holding, Rhiag, Andrew Page, Atracco, stake in Mekonomen Group etc. (before 2014 LKQ Europe was present only in the UK).
The recent takeover of Alliance Automotive Group (AAG) by Genuine Parts Company (GPC) was a big surprise for Aftermarket players. With this coup GPC, a leading auto parts network in North America and Australia secured a wide presence in Europe – AAG serves the market through 2000 outlets in France, Germany, the UK, and Poland.
Now the After Sales Industry is waiting for Stahlgruber’s actions: recently it was announced that a sale of Stahlgruber GmbH was not ruled out.

The consolidation process is complex. Beside the big important deals mentioned above there are much more transactions in the Aftermarket, some of them are also cross-industry, involving different parts of Automotive Industry Supply Chain: car manufacturers, parts manufacturers, distributors, NTGs/ITGs, auto centers, online business and garages (e.g. PSA and Mister-Auto, BPW and Herz, AAG and Groupauto Poland).
To stay updated with Aftermarket news, a continuous monitoring process of the Aftermarket transactions is needed.
At the end of November 2017, Wolk After Sales Experts releases a new Handbook “Consolidation Process in the European Aftermarket, 2012-2017”, that provides with an overview of all important transactions in the European Aftermarket. The handbook covers the acquisitions of more than 20 Aftermarket Players, including such details as turnover of each company, obtained share and regional cover.
Moreover, for each company-acquirer, there is an additional page with more detailed information (headquarter, number of employees and outlets, turnover development (if available), geographical footprint etc. )

Additionally, we offer a quarterly update of handbook once a quarter (charts with new transactions will be sent via email).


FORMAT: Powerpoint in PDF

DATE OF PUBLISHING: End of November 2017 (Attention: you can order the study now but the delivery will be in End of November)

All prices are net prices. Customers in Germany have to pay 19% taxes.
Selling to private persons is not possible.
Additional Option: Update via mail once a quarter (Price: 150 EUR/Year; Format: PDF)

User  Format  Price
Team licence (2-5 employees) PDF 895 €
Additional Option: Update via mail once a quarter (Price: 150 EUR/Year; Format: PDF)
 Enterprise licence  PDF 1.195 €
Additional Option: Update via mail once a quarter (Price: 150 EUR/Year; Format: PDF)