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Orientation guide for the automotive aftermarket

From 2012 on, the market for car service comparison portals on the internet has become more popular. The idea is simple and has successfully been applied in other branches like for instance the hotel or traveling industry.
Of course, market participants are very sensitive regarding price transparency and any external changes an auto repair shop has to deal with. 

The new possibility of comparing car repairs, maintenance and servicing is, in theory, an advantage for car drivers, whereby garage owners often fear a tougher competition as a result of this new market.
Besides potential threats, this kind of change also opens new opportunities for garage owners.
It lies in the hands of the car drivers, whether or not these comparison portals will turn out to be successful.

So far car service comparison portals are a good method to gain internet-visibility and thereby lead to new customers.
But how do I use them efficiently?
Which portal shall I use?
What can I expect and what are the costs?

In Germany, there are 14 different portals with different business models.
The handbook supplies you with an overview and categorizes all 14 portals. You will find out which of them fits your individual business best.

Criteria which are compared between the portals:

Werkstattportale Kategorisierung
  • costs
  • services that can be offered
  • popularity
  • the effort for inserting offers
  • jobs per month on average
  • possibilities of price calculation....

Product details:

Format: online Flippingbook
Language: English
Umfang: 17 pages
Order: online 
Payment: bank transfer, credit card

Car service comparison portals in Europe

We are planning to publish this kind of report for other European countries. If you are interested please contact us.