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Concise data on the European auto glass aftermarket for passenger cars




Learn all about the various aspects and differences of the car glass aftermarket in 35 European Countries. Our manual will provide you with a comprehensive and dense insight into the most important structures of the market.

  • would like to know which distributors are involved in car glass logistics?
  • need information on replacement and repair quotas in the respective countries?
  • need a benchmark of the most important market players including information on sales, the number of branches and employees?

The following table exemplifies the various forms of the car glass aftermarket in the 35 European countries. Due to these differences, it is important to look at each country individually - this way, customized strategies, and actions can be planned.

country replacement quota repair quota
Denmark 5,0% 3,1%
Portugal 3,9% 0,5%
average in Europe 4,1% 1,0%

For 35 countries, the following data are available:

  • replacement and repair quotas of car glass according to car park data
  • garage systems for car glass specialists
    (specifications on ownership, sales, employees, and numbers of branches)
  • volume of the car glass aftermarket measured in Euros and units
    (information on total car glass turnovers, share in the whole aftermarket, and share in the IAM vs. OES)
  • specialized car glass wholesalers
    (specifications on ownership, sales, employees, and numbers of branches)
  • the biggest automotive parts wholesalers
    (specifications on ownership, sales, employees, and numbers of branches)
  • structural data on the car repair garages
    (specifications on ownership, sales, employees, and numbers of branches grouped into branded repair shops (OES), independent repair shops (IAM), autocenters, and auto glass specialists)
  • car park data for passenger cars from all countries from 2011 - 2014

  • workshop on car glass (3,500 Euros plus travel expenses)
  • address database of car glass specialists and car repair workshops in Germany and Europe (price on request)
  • exclusive market research in the field of car glass (drivers, wholesalers, manufacturers) (individual offer on request)
  • sales management tools for car glaziers and car glass manufacturers and wholesalers (individual offer on request)
  • consulting/coaching "ProFit" for car glaziers (individual offer on request)