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Why do we create this future aftermarket scenario?

Future Glaskugel L

Over the past few years, we have researched sufficiently about the current situation, structures and volumes in the European aftermarket and achieved extensive transparency. Now, however, there are increasing indications that with new drive technologies, digitization, driver assistance systems, the general lack of specialists and the autonomously driving car, we are about to take another big step into an unknown aftermarket future and are currently contradicting this with some opinions and trend statements.

Many trends and topics are currently changing our business sustainably and making well-founded, future-oriented decisions increasingly urgent and necessary for all market participants.

Only a few companies in the automotive industry provide the necessary resources to conduct well-founded European aftermarket research. As with "Car Aftermarket Europe Database Research", wolk after sales experts takes the initiative to carry out a neutral, forward-looking scenario research as an own project to make it accessible to the market participants at an acceptable price-performance ratio.

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With which methodology do we want to tackle the "Aftermarket Scenario 2028"?

Creating aftermarket scenarios using a multi-stage Delphi survey among several hundred Aftermarket experts from Europe.

  • The experts are from all sales channels in the Aftermarket Supply Chain
  • The circle of participants consists of managing directors, sales managers, marketing managers, purchasing managers, company developers, and engineering.
  • The countries are bundled into nine homogeneous country clusters

Country cluster

The survey will be conducted via online questionnaire in English. Occasionally, telephone interviews will be carried out in addition.

The first survey round will be launched in March 2018 with basic questions. Summarized results are expected by the end of April 2018. All participants receive feedback (summarized Europe results).

The second round of surveys will be based on the results of the first wave in May 2018 by means of supplementary and more detailed questions via an online questionnaire. The survey is supplemented by personal interviews and group discussions. Participants are also able to validate and reassess their original results. The aim is to create possible scenarios for the assessment of future technologies, market volumes, the importance of sales channels, etc. If the number of cases is sufficient, the results are also evaluated for country clusters. Earliest results will be presented at Automechanika 2018.

The third round of Delphi will take place with a reduced number of participants in autumn 2018. Based on the scenarios, possible action options will be developed for different groups of market participants.

Anonymity is important to us and guaranteed in survey wave 1 + 2. The Delphi survey is conducted neutrally as an independent project of wolk after sales experts. Results are shown only in terms of average and min / max values. In the third round of Delphi, exclusive groups that are not in competition with each other can be put together.

Which topics are in focus?

The Delphi survey focuses on the car aftermarket in Europe.

Quantitative developments (sales / value) as well as qualitative development tendencies are queried.

Do you consider that development is primarily determined by the development of inventories and not the development of new registrations?

Which organizational things need to be considered?

Please follow exactly the information on the questions.

Please provide information only about the product groups that you are familiar with and have experience with.

Please focus on the group of countries where you have the most experience.

All information must be in English.

Please use the drop downs. Please enter text in keywords.

If you have any problems or questions when completing the questionnaire, please contact: michel.funder@wolk-aftersales.de.

The duration for completing the online questionnaire in the first survey wave is approx. 10 minutes.

What is important to participate?

Please complete the online questionnaire completely.

Only a completed questionnaire plus checking the consent form will entitle you to participate in the incentive and send feedback results.