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New trends in the trade with car components.


Aftermarket Forum 2017 neu

The sale of OE parts to independent workshops is increasingly important in the after-sales business for manufacturers, dealers, and workshops and thus offers a very interesting and innovative business field.
Also, the increasing technology such as Diagnostic and calibration work on today's passenger cars means that more and more independent workshops are taking over OE parts to repair vehicles.
The previously existing price difference between IAM parts and OE parts is steadily diminishing, which favors the choice of OE parts.
In the opinion of wolk after sales experts, IAM garages already receive 25-30% OE parts from the car manufacturers network.

You will have the chance to discuss the future development and its impact on the European aftermarket.

Aftermarket Forum 2017 "OE goes IAM - IAM goes OE"
on March 8, 2017
In the AMERON Hotel Königshof in Bonn/Germany

High-caliber executives from the complete supply chain are invited to speak. Car manufacturers, parts manufacturers, car dealer groups, IAM parts wholesalers, insurance companies, online suppliers for OE parts, and last but not least, a renowned multi-brand workshop will present their views on the following perspective questions:

  • How does PSA position itself against the competition with its very progressive and forward-looking independent aftermarket concept?
  • How do parts manufacturers react to the growing OE parts sales at IAM workshops and the resulting competitive pressure on their sales of IAM parts?
  • What competitive advantages do car trading groups expect to achieve by bundling OE and IAM components and what challenges and risks are involved?
  • What kind of difficulties do car dealers practice when selling OE parts to IAM workshops?
  • What are the advantages of independent wholesalers distributing OE parts and what are the challenges of this business?
  • Will IAM workshops also increasingly buy OE wear parts, or will it be limited to captive and accident parts?
  • How can the Internet help to further intensify the distribution of OE parts to IAM workshops?
  • Will the insurers also offer IAM / used parts to their customers in the future?
In addition, core results from two studies are presented:
  • Key facts of 39 German OE parts wholesalers
  • Results of a questionnaire of 1,000 workshops about their parts sourcing
The open podium discussions offer good opportunities to address your questions.

On the basis of a survey of 1,000 workshops, the "Deutsche Teilegroßhandels-Award 2017" is awarded to the best-rated IAM / OE parts wholesalers.

The car driver and his attitude to the topic of original spare parts are presented amusing by the well-known Bonner improvisational theater "Die Springmäuse".

A final come-together offers plenty of time for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Date: 08.03.2017
Beginning: 9:00 Uhr

Place: Ameron Hotel Königshof
Adenauerallee 9
53111 Bonn

Price: 1050,-€ per participant
 650,-€ for each participant from the same company

Language: German, with simultaneous translation into English

Cancellation: In the case of cancellation up to 3 weeks prior to the start of the event, we will refund you 50%. Later cancellations will not be refunded.