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Online Auto-Service Portals in the Internet

What will be the impact of “car service online portals” on car drivers  future behavior regarding car maintenance and repair?

The car service market is one of the last markets which has been asserted by the internet.
Car service online portals will undoubtedly make the service-market more transparent! Transparency refers not only to the price: Above all it includes the quality of service, the parts quality, the type of a service garage, the availability of appointments and the regional availability.
The usual concerns and upcoming changes of current structures are contrasted by new opportunities and challenges.

The drivers opinions on this subject and the changes in their market behaviour set the frame for wolk after sales experts' study "After Sales Goes Online".
Therefore, in August 2012 a total of 1.062 German car drivers were asked to fill in an online questionnaire.
To draw conclusions on the future development, the drivers were asked about the following topics:
  • general internet usage
  • car-related Internet usage
  • offline car service behaviour
  • attitude towards the car service online portals

CONTENT: The study describes the far-reaching implications of the various target groups and car service typologies in great detail and provides concrete help to actively encounter this process of change.

LAST UPDATE: 03 / 2013


MEDIA FORMAT: Printed Media, FlippingBook (encoded, licence for 1 workstation) see example 

Beispiel des Flippingbooks

SIZE: 200 pages

PAYMENT: After receiving your order we will send you an invoice. Please deliver us yout VAT number. When the payment is done you will get your access data by mail and/or the printed version will be send to you.

PRICE: 2.450,- Euro for online version. 75,- Euro extra for printed version.