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After Sales ACCESS Database
After Sales ACCESS is a comprehensive database of the most important information of the European car aftermarket. It provides a structured and well-organized overview as well as deep insights in 35 different markets.
An after sales expert team of native speakers (analysts, consultants, database developers) is responsible for After Sales ACCESS. The experts are always in close contact with all 35 markets in Europe.

After Sales ACCESS is supporting in:

  • giving future orientation for your business in the European market
  • getting a second and neutral opinion about the markets and especially the volumes
  • optimizing your sales steering in the European countries
  • calculating your market potential and market share for the regions of your regional retail areas
  • finding the right partners for you in foreign markets
  • giving a better understanding of foreign markets together with well known after sales experts

Your benefits with After Sales ACCESS:

  • fast availability of important aftermarket KPIs with easy export functionality
  • plenty of information out of one source keeps your data integrations at a minimum
    (35 European countries incl. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Turkey)
  • saving time and money instead of doing the research by yourself
  • reliable data from a neutral source for validating your own numbers and reportings secure your decision-making process
  • stay up to date regarding important market moves

The content of the database:

  • around 8.000 company profiles in 20 different target groups with turnover data from 2010 until 2015 and estimated/calculated numbers for 2016
  • tree-view-overview of all international buying group members, general company relations, and garage marketing systems
  • number of garages by type per country
  • aftermarket volumes by 10 different product groups (2015)
  • car park data (passenger cars/truck) of each European country, total car parc 2015 and by brand for 2015 

After Sales ACCESS: your access to the most important aftermarket information!

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