We are proud to announce a new partnership with Headline Automotive Data and Software Technology, a leading supplier of detailed and high quality data and software for the automotive industry.

Thanks to more than 60 vehicular attributes, and linkages to multiple OE article groups and articles, Headline is able to define the car parc for 70 countries worldwide on a very precise and detailed level.
With over 1 billion vehicles covered, and historical records going as far back as 1930, this fully specified make and model database is the most complete vehicle database in the world.

The benefits of Headline´s make and model database:

  • Historical car park data for 70 countries
  • Featuring light, medium and heavy duty vehicles
  • Covering over 1 billion vehicles
  • Over 60 vehicular attributes to identify a vehicle
  • Car park registration, age analysis by year for 15 years
  • Two deliveries per year (historical and sales data)
  • Linked to OE data research

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1 - What are the main tire trade trends in Europe?

Basic comments:
Compared with other automotive aftermarkets like parts, glass, body and parts the margin of the tire business is on a low level. That is primarily based on:
  • Intensive cutthroat competition with a strong entrance of new competitors (online, car dealers, IAM garages accompanied with decreasing target groups like mass merchandizers and gas stations.
  • branding policy of all tire manufacturers with a lot of brands from premium level to low budget level and private labels (is forcing cannibalization combined with lower margins)
  • one of the biggest negative influence factors is the conservative and passive wait and see attitude of most of the traditional tire dealers.
From these points of view – especially based on the low and decreasing margin development – the B2C business combined with online routing strategies and additional business fields like auto service will get more and more importance in the future.

Now and near future:
  • Increasing online business (B2C) web shops (car parts webshops in germany report).
  • Increased expansion of online customer routing to own chains/distribution partners.
  • Increased expansion of B2C business
    • Direct delivering in the supply chain from tire manufacturers to repairers/fitters. That means forcing the retail business.
    • Increased expansion in controlled chains of auto service business in fact of better margins.
    • the increased cutthroat competition is countered by appropriate marketing activities like permanent price screenings, permanent medium-term business plans etc. instead of price deductions
  • Rebuilding the controlled distribution of tire manufacturers from controlled distribution to hard franchised chains (cost savings and stronger identification of the entrepreneur).
  • Stronger building up auto service
Distant future:
  • Discovering niche target groups like IAM garages including the parts distributors with the high frequenced just in time delivery.
  • Partnership with garage online portals like Fairgarage, Ebay/autobutler, Bosch Drivelog (see garage online caomparison portals).
Montag, 29 Juni 2015 16:54

Car parts webshops in Germany

The so-called internet age is by now 20 years old already. Still, the importance of the internet as a sales channel started off only with the growing popularity of eBay in Germany. From around 2002 on, the auto parts trade has been represented to a greater extent. It has become a mass phenomenon only in the last years, so that the sales of car components (parts, tires, accessories, chemicals) through the internet now amounts to an estimated total of more than 2 billion Euros. Still today, the eCommerce segment shows double digit growth rates and is not nearly saturated yet. It can also be observed that now the first dominant players are starting to evolve. These can already generate profits of a range similar to some of the classical parts dealers.

Mittwoch, 24 Juni 2015 14:04

Autoteile Webshops in Deutschland

Das sogenannte Internetzeitalter ist nun bereits ca. 20 Jahre alt. Eine größere Bedeutung des Internets als Verkaufskanal begann erst mit dem populär werden von eBay in Deutschland. Seit ca. 2002 ist auch der Autoteilehandel im größeren Maße vertreten. Zu einem Massenphänomen ist er erst in den letzten Jahren avanciert, so dass der gesamte Umsatz von Autokomponenten (Teile, Reifen, Zubehör, Chemikalien) über den Verkaufskanal Internet mittlerweile bei schätzungsweise etwas über 2 Mrd. Eur liegt. Die Wachstumsrate des E-Commerce Segments wächst jährlich immer noch in einem zweistelligen Bereich und ist noch weit davon entfernt, eine Sättigung erreicht zu haben.

Das Beratungstool PRO-FIT geht in sein 4. Jahr und das Thema ist aktueller als je zuvor: Was muss eine freie Kfz-Werkstatt bzw. ein Kfz-Teilehändler heute tun, um auch in Zukunft gegen den immer stärker werdenden Wettbewerb bestehen zu können?
Donnerstag, 30 April 2015 14:37

Europa konzentriert sich weiter

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Der europäische Kfz-Aftermarket steht angesichts eines intensiven Wettbewerbs mit sinkenden Margen und hohen Kosten sowie einem damit einhergehenden starken Konzentrationsprozess unter zunehmendem Druck.

Donnerstag, 30 April 2015 11:43

Unter Dach und Fach

Am 09.03.2015 haben die Verbände der Werkstattausrüster EGEA (Europäischer Dachverband), ASA (Deutschland), und AICA (Italien) sowie die Beratungsunternehmen wolk after sales experts und Leo-Impact ihre Zusammenarbeit mit einer Vertragsunterschrift besiegelt. Gegenstand der Zusammenarbeit ist der Aufbau einer umfassenden Datenbank zum Thema: Markt für Werkstattausrüstung in Europa.

Dienstag, 28 April 2015 17:00

The upheaval of the automotive glass market

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The analysis „European Auto Glass Aftermarket for Passenger Cars“ of wolk after sales experts shows that the European automotive glass aftermarket has great local particularities in the quota of repairs and replacements. In addition to the overall handbook for 35 countries, now nine different country clusters have been published. 

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Key findings

With an average annual growth rate by 1.9% in 2013, the car aftermarket is once again proving to be a stable economic factor in Europe.

Almost 18% of the European aftermarket is accounted for Germany.

The entire car after sales market in Europe, including all acquired components for a car, generated about 119 billion Euros in 2013 (based on retail prices excluding VAT, only material without salary).  The components which were included in the calculation of the market volume are wear parts, body parts, engines, transmissions, electrical parts, automotive glass, chemicals, oil, tires, paint.

These are some of the key results from the new report "The Car Aftermarket in Europe 2014" created by wolk after sales experts.

The team of highly specialized aftermarket analysts from Bergisch Gladbach (Germany) has recently published the 2014 edition of the European aftermarket structure analysis for 34 European countries for the third time in a row after 2009 and 2012.
An after sales alliance network with after sales specialists in several European countries supported th preparation of this report with their local expertise.

Freitag, 10 April 2015 09:05

Der Autoglasmarkt im Umbruch!

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Wie die Analyse „European Auto Glass Aftermarket for Passenger Cars" von wolk after sales experts aufzeigt, weist der europäische Autoglas-Aftermarket bzgl. der Reparatur- und Austauschquote große landesspezifische Unterschiede auf. Neben dem Gesamtreport für 35 Länder wurden nun auch 9 unterschiedlichen Ländercluster veröffentlicht.