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Market Information Database - The Car Aftermarket in Europe

The Polish car aftermarket – one of the most attractive and fastest growing in Europe

General information

DESCRIPTION: This market analysis contains the most important information about the car aftermarket in Poland. It shows the market structure, market volumes, market shares by OES and IAM distribution and has detailed company profiles of all relevant market participants. You will get reliable information for secure decisions.

HOW IT SUPPORTS YOU: budget planning, exploration of potential opportunities, in-depth market data for market share calculations, investment decisions, market positioning, competitive benchmarking, sales management, marketing, market entry planning, search of distributors, M & A activity

WHO USES THE REPORT: Parts manufacturers, Distributors, Garage chains, Workshops, Investors, Auto industry, Car manufacturers, Car dealers


PAYMENT: Order online and pay with credit card. Order online and pay on invoice via bank transfer.

All prices are NET prices. German customers have to pay 19% value added taxes.
The sale to private individuals is not possible.

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Single user Licence Flippingbook 1.550 € 1.250 € 1.000 € 15.000 € 300 € per country 75 €
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One of the fastest growing car aftermarkets in Europe - Polish, Czech and Slovakian - is again showing annual growth trends. For the period following 2007, the car aftermarket volume was growing in some regions, and decreasing in others. The car aftermarket in Poland, compared with other eastern European countries, did not really feel the economic crisis.

In Poland numbers of registered passenger cars increased by 73% from year 2000 and today there is more than 17 million registered passenger cars.


What makes the Polish aftermarkets different?

What the study discovered concerning the major differences between Poland vs. Germany?

  • The Polish aftermarket is dominated by several big parts distributors.
  • Consistent with other East European countries, in Poland the independent repairers are dominating in the aftermarket. In those countries, 92% of all repairers are independent repairers. In Germany, comparatively - the IAM garages held 67% of total garages. Accordingly, the independent repairers in Poland are much more important and hold much more market shares than the authorized repairers.
  • In Poland the most popular car brand is Fiat. In Czech Republic and Slovakia – local production cars Skoda.

In Poland, there is still a role for new garage concepts and autocentres or place to create more outlets of existing concepts.
Who will fill this growth need - are the big European garage concepts from abroad going to intensify the car aftermarket competition in Poland?
Also, EU regulations are opening new business opportunities for “free” workshops and spare parts distributors to compete with manufacturers’ authorized distributors/dealers.

In OES, influenced by the economic situation, the profitable after sales business gained importance.

Some future orientated aftermarket questions (FAQ´s)

Who will take part in the future aftermarket at Poland ? It´s one of the most important questions for the existing aftermarket players in a growing market.

  • Is there a place for other parts distributors in Poland from East or West European countries?
  • Are the big Polish parts distributors going to expand at Germany and Russia
  • Is there a need for cooperation between national aftermarket companies?
  • Is there a necessity for the car manufacturers to build up larger and more extensive dealer - or service – partner - networks?
  • Are car importers / dealers (OES) going to make closer aftermarket competition with the independents (IAM)?
  • Are B2C web shops going to establish in the near future?