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Automotive Market Intelligence, Analysis and Research
Market intelligence

Individual market information and market analysis concerning the European Automotive Aftermarket.

Reports, Studies & Analysis

Automotive Aftermarket Car Consulting

New trends and customer expectations require intensive counseling and a well- adjusted methodology.


Efficient knowledge communication and competent and professional trainings/workshops.

Wolk after sales

Learn more about us and our team of European automotive experts.



reporte studien online shop

Order online our studies,
reports and handbooks.



Titelbilder Aftermarket Forum 2018

Aftermarket Forum 2018 - "Aftermarket supply chain in change"

The Aftermarket Forum 2018 deals with the effects of the future increase in market penetration of alternative drive vehicles and digitalization. It highlights the current and future market movements as well as the opportunities and risks for market participants throughout the aftermarket supply chain.

Selected speakers from different target groups give practical insight into their future orientation.

Program - Speakers - Location - Participants


After Sales ACCESS Database 2017

since 10 years Wolk after sales experts is researching and gathering the information, structures, relations of the European Automotive Aftermarket.
Edition 2017 is out now!

This database will be a great support to your business if you are facing any of those tasks:
  • You need future orientation for your business in the European market
  • You need a second and neutral opinion about certain markets
  • For optimizing your sales steering in European countries
  • To calculate your market potential and market share for the regions of your regional retail areas
  • You try to find the right market partners for you in foreign markets


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Car Aftermarket in Europe Report 2017

Car Aftermarket Europe Report 2017

The new release of the Car Aftermarket in Europe Report is available now.
Already since 8 years we are collecting and researching the 35 different markets in Europe to summarize the core information about market participants, market structures, and volumes. 

more information and prices